Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder is a combination of several things.A portable oxygen cylinder is a device used to supply oxygen to humans. It is like a small or medium cylinder. These portable medical oxygen cylinders can be easily carried anywhere. The liquid oxygen inside a portable medical oxygen cylinder is usually made naturally. And through advanced technology from the natural environment, Inserted inside the cylinder. Oxygen is a chemical element. The symbol for oxygen is 0 and its atomic number is 8.

The word acid is derived from two Greek words. Scientist Antoine Lavoisier began using the term acid in the eighteenth century. At that time it was thought that there was bureaucrats inside the bureaucrats. But later it was proved wrong. Oxygen concentration is usually 2. This element is produced during photosynthesis in plants. And this oxygen is beneficial to animals for handling all the things they breathe.

Why are portable oxygen cylinders used in medical?

To find the answer to your question. First we need to know, what is medical? Medical science is the science or rock of disease relief. Healing and prophylactic issues to keep the human body and human health good. All the work of creating awareness and curing diseases is the work of medical science. Those who have physical problems here will go to the medical center for treatment. If someone has a lung problem, they cannot breathe. In this condition he was admitted to a medical . The doctor told him that you would be given oxygen because you could not breathe normally. Therefore, when a patient is admitted with lung problems or respiratory problems, he should use a portable oxygen cylinder.

What kind of patients need  portable oxygen cylinder more?

People who have difficulty breathing or have difficulty breathing due to lung problems have to use oxygen cylinders. We continue to breathe after work. Many of us breathe faster if we run a little. But it is not shortness of breath. If it was shortness of breath, then you would have to use a portable oxygen cylinder. However, many people will have trouble breathing again if they have heart problems. Severe shortness of breath occurs when the left side of the heart becomes useless. At this point, patients have access to a portable oxygen cylinder,Oxygen is given through it.

What is the price of Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder in (BD) Bangladesh?

Portable medical oxygen cylinders are manufactured by three companies. For this, the price of portable medical oxygen cylinder is of three types. These three companies include, Linda Oxygen Cylinder, China Oxygen Cylinder and Islam Oxygen Cylinder. In the current market of Bangladesh (BD), the price of Linda Oxygen Cylinder is 22500 Taka. In the current market of Bangladesh (BD), the price of China Oxygen Cylinder is 12500 Taka and the price of Oxygen Cylinder of Islam is 11500 Taka in the current market of Bangladesh(BD).

If a customer buys an oxygen cylinder from a dealer of a company, or from a seller of a portable medical oxygen cylinder. The buyer will then receive a portable medical oxygen cylinder,

1. Oxygen flow meter.
2. Oxygen trolley.
3. Oxygen cylinder.
4. Nozzle canola / mask.
5. Capacity: 1.38 cubic meters
. 2000 liters of pressure oxygen.
. Usage time: 1500 minutes at minimum speed.
. Free home delivery.