Folee H003-C Baby Suction Machine

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Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh

The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh is also called an aspirator. It is a medical device that is mainly used to remove obstacles such as mucus, saliva, blood or secretions from the human respiratory tract. Due to lack of consciousness or ongoing medical procedures, a person cannot clear the secretions. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh helps her breathe while keeping her airway open. In fact, when a patient’s airway is partially or completely blocked, healthcare providers will use the Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh as part of the treatment plan.

Some of the most common uses are: removing respiratory secretions when the patient is unable to help convulsions or vomiting when unconscious; removing blood from the airway; as it can be used in combination with other medical techniques to remove the patient’s trachea and/or lungs Foreign bodies are removed (pulmonary suction), so various diseases can be treated. Due to their universality, questions about their use and functions often arise. Pierre Karl, the historical cardiologist of the aspirator, introduced the first traditional aspirator. Edward Poten (Edward Poten) in 1869. His aspirator is a handheld device that uses a pump to drain abscesses and build up fluid in the chest cavity to prevent heart failure.As electricity has become routine and reliable, the Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh has changed from portable devices to electronic devices.


it was not until the late 1970s that vacuum cleaners became very large and were often permanently fixed to the wall. Currently, hospitals and patients can use or lease various types of suction equipment. Handheld vacuum cleaners: the Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh. The handheld device does not use electricity, and its design can be as simple as a portable light bulb for flushing mucus from a child’s nasal cavity. They are usually used in emergency situations because they do not require electricity to operate. They are usually small and easy to carry. However, it is difficult to use the handheld vacuum cleaner consistently and effectively over a long period of time. Stationary aspirators: The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh.

Stationary devices have been the most common machines for decades because they are reliable, efficient and stable. However, his intolerance still has many shortcomings. Patients cannot be treated with in-patient aspirators during transportation and can only provide emergency care within the four walls of the hospital.Portable vacuum cleaners-the price of baby vacuum cleaners in Bangladesh Due to the development of batteries and vacuum technology, the popularity of portable vacuum cleaners is growing. Portable vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to move or transport, so they are very suitable for patients and healthcare professionals. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh has a place in today’s medical environment.

Each has its own advantages,

And medical professionals can use different types of suction machines in different treatment stages. When a patient’s pharynx, trachea, or other oral cavity is blocked by a liquid or semi-solid, a suction machine is usually used. However, the ideal suction device may vary according to the patient’s condition. A portable suction machine can be used. On-going patient care patients may require portable children’s sputum suction devices. In their homes in Bangladesh, they were unable to clear their secretions for various reasons.This includes patients who have received palliative care and have difficulty clearing secretions or cannot clear their own secretions, patients with chronic diseases (COPD, ALS, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc.), or patients who have undergone tracheotomy.

Folee H003-C Baby Suction Machine 

Brand Name: folee

Model Number: H003-C

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Net amount: 2.9 Kg

Power supply: AC220V, 50 hz The input power: 90 va


1.High pressure, large flow, low noise
2.All plastic casing design
3.USES the advanced spill-proof device design

The main technical parameters of
1. Limit the negative pressure value: acuity 0.075 MPa
2. The negative pressure adjusting range: 0.02 MPa to limit the negative pressure value
3. The extraction rate: p 15 l/min
4. Fuse tube, RF1 5 A 20/1.5
5. Liquid bottle: 1000 ml, a
6. Power supply: AC220V, 50 hz
7. The input power: 90 va
8. Noise: 65 db (A) or less
9. Suction pump, piston pump
10. Net amount: 2.9 Kg
11. Overall size: 335 mm * 150 mm * 240 mm

Folee H003-C Baby Suction Machine

Portable aspirators are very common in pre-clinical settings because they play an important role in determining the price of children’s (breathing, breathing and circulating) aspirators in Bangladesh. Various patients. This includes victims with blood injuries in the airways, victims with excessive vomiting in the airways, and other victims with shortness of breath. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh. Medical teams often use fixed aspirators as part of standard procedures, such as tracheotomy, sinus treatment, and tonsillectomy. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh For example, if the patient needs an aspirator but there is no wall-mounted aspirator in the room, the care team will find and get a portable aspirator instead of transferring the patient to another bedroom .

They are also used to treat patients outside the ward when the hospital is overcrowded.How a portable suction device works The portable suction device generates negative pressure, which is transmitted through a special plastic connecting tube called a disposable catheter. Negative pressure creates a vacuum effect, drawing blood, mucus or similar secretions from the throat. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh. The secretions are automatically collected in the collection container. The portable suction machine is based on some key technologies that can generate negative pressure and clear secretions. The following is a short list of the most common components in a suction system.

The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh 

Bbaby sucker is disposable or rechargeable battery-the price of the Bangladeshi baby sucker is composed of high-capacity batteries, which can ensure suction power when there is no reliable power supply. It is usually found in vacuum cleaners. This creates negative pressure, which is necessary for the vacuum cleaner to function properly. Connecting pipe-connect the vacuum pump to the suction container.Do not touch the items in the trash can. Sterile patient hose-price of baby sputum suction device in Bangladesh. After each suction, the disposable container-the disposable container contains the patient’s secretions. If too much fluid is drawn from the patient, it is usually used to prevent overfilling.

The container must be disposable to ensure the sterility of all parts of the suction machine. They come with a power cord that allows you to charge the device near a power outlet. Filters-Ideally, disposable containers should withstand the use of bacteria/virus filters to prevent contamination of the internal components of the vacuum cleaner. Some filters can also be used to prevent dust and damage. Large amounts of gas that can damage the machine. After considering and applying all the components, start the machine. The user can choose continuous or intermittent suction, and adjust the suction level to ensure that all secretions are removed.Nursing teams using the ZOLL 330 aspirator can also choose the Smart Flow function to keep the machine running quietly and take care of the patient. The Baby Suction Machine price in Bangladesh can minimize the distraction of health workers and patients.

Before using the

Portable vacuum cleaner, please make sure that you have received sufficient training on the equipment and have read the official product manual that comes with the vacuum cleaner. Since different types of vacuum cleaners have different characteristics, only the official product guide can provide the most accurate advice. When you are ready to use a baby breast pump in Bangladesh, make sure you have some essential items. Without these components, the vacuum cleaner may not work properly. If an external power source can be used, the vehicle DC cable is also sufficient. ) Disposable collection container Suction canister hose Patient hose (also called suction circuit) Suction catheter or surgical suction absorber (appropriate accessories depend on the process) Control the safe use of the dispensed hardener, the disposal of liquid biohazard Any other accessories required and approved by the equipment manufacturer for the disposal procedure.