GVS 5 L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator

Price:৳ 60,000 ৳ 55,000
Brand GVS 5L Oxy-pure
Flow Rate 0.5-5 L/ min
Weight 16kg


Product introduction:
GVS 5L Oxy-pure medical oxygen concentrator is a device that extracts oxygen from atmospheric air. It will typically be an electrically-powered molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) used to separate nitrogen from ambient air. It could be applied widely in the hospitals at all different level, clinics, health centers and family nursing, health care for the old person, mental workers and students, etc.. Whether the user is professional or not, the users could operate the Home Oxygen Therapy machine by themselves after reading this user’s manual. The home oxygen concentrator can supply 1 patient, with steady oxygen flowing out, safe and reliable, low cost, adjustable flow.

Product Specification

Brand GVS
Model GVS 5L Oxy-Pure
Sound Level 40dB
Weight 16kg
Outlet Pressure 0.04-0.07Mpa
Purity Oxygen 93% +/-3
Voltage AC 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 350x280x540mm
Flow Rate 0-5 Liter per min
Power Consumption Less than or equal to 300W
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Alarm Low & High pressure, Low purity, Temperature(Optional)

Standard Accessories: Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen tube, Humidifier bottle, Primary air suction filtering sponge, Secondary air suction filters, User manual, Warranty Card.

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