Elderly Care Home service

Elderly Care Service-We know that in-home senior care is not easy for family members. Especially when they fall ill with long-term illness or their family members are involved in the job. It is really difficult to take proper care of them, and they feel very alone. For this, we provide very caring and loving elderly care services at home.

You may be able to find the nursing home alternative that your family has been seeking by receiving affordable, dependable senior care at home. Senior Helpers is here to help you 24/7 or just a few hours a day. To plan activities that will be stimulating and enjoyable, we work hard to get to know each client's unique story and personality.

Dhaka, a home care agency, assists elderly loved ones with daily activities, companionship, and nursing services. You can rely on us for any elderly care you may need. You can select any of our companion care options according to your specific situation, and we customize a care plan based on the needs you describe.​ 

Elderly Home Care Service in Dhaka

There are many 3 categories for In-home elderly care services that we provide:

  • Personal Home Care Service for Elderly
  • The Companion Home Care Service
  • Care for the Respite
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Personal Home Care Service for Elderly

The most common type of in-home care service for seniors is personal care. It is usually suitable for chronic illness, severe disability, mobility, strength, coordination, or energy problems. The caregiver's responsibility is to ensure an individual's safety, comfort, and health what they always provide.

In addition to running errands, making meals, doing light housekeeping, reminding patients to take medications, and performing other routine tasks, personal caregivers can also assist with many other tasks. In addition to providing companionship and conversation, our caregivers help people avoid loneliness as they age. Your loved one will then be able to get a personalized care plan and schedule. 

The Companion Home Care Service

Companion care is an essential type of service for the elderly and disabled that provides essential assistance. In addition to improving quality of life, this type of elder care improves other factors. They accompany and engage with clients at appointments and social events, and they participate in hobbies and activities with them.
Socially isolated seniors can benefit from these activities. Seniors who are socially isolated have a significantly higher mortality rate and risk of health complications. Seniors isolated from their peers benefit from companionship and social interaction, ending the cycle of isolation. 

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Care for the Respite

Family caregivers and their loved ones may benefit greatly from respite care. In this type of caregiving, temporary or short-term visits to the home are typically made. Families with unpaid caregiver responsibilities can take advantage of these visits and leave unpaid caregiving duties for a while without compromising the quality of care their loved ones receive.

Short-term or temporary respite care is typically provided in most cases. It is also possible to perform respite visits regularly, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Providing flexible scheduling and care planning enables us to provide the respite care your loved one requires. 

Why should you choose this service?

We always tell one thing. Our service is our identity. You can judge us by what you see. Anyway, let's take a look at what services you will find in this service for which you will think that we are the best.

  • Conversation with nice behavior and care.
  • Help with hobbies, gardening, reading news/book, sports, general shopping, etc.
  • Service that reminds people about their medications, dates, exercise, routines, etc.
  • Daily initial checkups for more disabled/sick adults.
  • Cleaning clothes, preparing food are all done for our patients.
  • Helping for proper & safe bathing, eating, sleeping, etc., activities.
  • Maintain regular & daily healthy chart.
  •  Company for any tour as a caregiver.

Do you ready to get this service? If not, then we say think and think and think. Think more. But we must say that you have to take our service for our caring & loving caregivers.

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