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A fundamental part of giving care is being a good communicator with the person getting care.Care is given with respect for the dignity of the person receiving care. The carer remains in contact with the primary health care provider, often a doctor or nurse, and helps the person receiving care make decisions about their health and matters affecting their daily life.In the course of giving care, the caregiver is responsible for managing hygiene of themselves, the person receiving care, and the living environment. 

Hand washing for both caregivers and persons receiving care happen often. If the person receiving care is producing sharps waste from regular injections, then the caregiver should manage that.Surfaces of the living area should be regularly cleaned and wiped and laundry managed.The caregiver manages organization of the person’s agenda. Of special importance is helping the person meet medical appointments. Also routine daily living functions are scheduled, like managing hygiene tasks and keeping health care products available.(Home Healthcare provides emergency care giver support, in Dhaka Bangladesh)
Caregiver BD is transforming the way care is delivered by motivating, empowering and mobilizing our patients. We care for the whole person, which includes the patient, their family caregivers, and their daily living activities. Our caregivers work to help you achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Home Caregiver BD.