Physiotherapy Home Care

Physiotherapy is vital to an individual who requires assistance with day-to-day essential duties are in need. We have the best physiotherapists who check up on our patients. If necessary, we can provide physiotherapy services at home to patients in Dhaka and in the country as a whole. Health professions dedicated to improving quality of life include physiotherapy. It is a primary care profession.

How does physiotherapy home care service improve your health? 

Physiotherapy home care service can help improve our health a lot. Including:

  • Aiming to prevent illnesses, injuries, and disability;
  • Taking care of acute and chronic conditions, limiting activities, restricting participation;
  • Physical activity and mobility enhancement, as well as overall health and wellness;
  • Achieving and maintaining optimal physical and functional independence;
  • Exercise programs and other interventions to treat injury, disease, and disability;
  • Preventing recurrence, reinjure, or functional decline through education and maintenance programs. Etc.

Who are appropriate for physiotherapy home care service?

Home physiotherapy service is a service that people of all ages can take. If we want to say well:

Child: Your kids are your favorite loving ones who need proper & caring service when they are suffering from one disorder with their comfort zone. They are always comforting their home in any situation. In this situation, the child needs physiotherapy service at home.
Elderly: If no one in your family can move properly. Then you can take our service. Our physiotherapists help you restore and enhance the health of your older person.
Neurological patients: A home care physiotherapy program will be ideal for someone with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, or a stroke since they can't move freely. It is easier for them to adapt to the treatment in a familiar environment. 

Do clinic and home care physiotherapy differ?

There is no difference between home and clinic physiotherapy care. Almost 2 things are the same. But in-home Physiotherapy service patients are recovered faster than in-clinic services. In-home patients always feel a natural peace and comfort that help to recover them faster.
In addition, it is a cheaper alternative and may be needed if the patient has a spinal cord injury. Professionals will take money from you to remove a person with extreme care. But still, we think this service is good. Generally, when older people prefer to be treated at home, so it is the best way to recover them properly. 

Your health journey with Physiotherapy service in Dhaka Home Care Agency:

We offer in-home Physiotherapy services for our patients during this time to address their individual needs. When you cannot visit our clinic or use telehealth, home-based care may be the better option.
A self-screen is performed before every patient visit; gloves are worn, masks are worn, and all therapists follow proper hand and work area sanitation. Many insurers cover care at home the same way they cover care in clinics during our current health crisis. You can access quality care and therapy at home with Dhaka Home Care. 

What is our Specialty?

Our work is our specialty. Our physiotherapy service in the home is made for especially homing service. But if you want you can take this to the hospital also. But we think home service is the best option for you. Because home service means the best service with best care & price. So let’s go to know why we are best for you:

  • Home care service as like a hospital with reasonable price
  • The rehabilitation of vehicular accidents
  • A workplace injury treatment program (W.S.I.B.) and repetitive strain treatment at home
  • Various treatment options for sports, spinal, and head injuries
  • Orthopedic disorders treated after surgery
  • Treatment for migraines, rheumatism, and migraines
  • CanSoar, a cancer rehab program
  • More caring and loving behavior
  • Working for old or elder. All are able to get it.
  • Can also get this physiotherapy service anywhere in Bangladesh.

So, get pain relief and regain your mobility by using our physiotherapy home care service in Dhaka or all over BD(If needed) today. We hope it is the best choice for you. Take this and get a healthy life.